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Motion Solutions

GE Fanuc provides motion control solutions to address major engineering and business issues such asreducing costs, increasing efficiency and enhancing profitability. High performance servo motion solutionscan dramatically improve machine productivity, yield and flexibility. Changeover time
between product runs can be reduced from hours to minutes. GE Fanuc combines a wide selection ofoperator interface, controller and motion products with our award winning Proficy™ Machine Edition software tohelp OEMs optimize their motion control system for individual end user applications such as packaging,material handling and assembly. Knowledgeable application support and training services reduce risk andimprove engineering efficiency.

Greater Flexibility
GE Fanuc motion solutions include cost effective steppers to high performance digital servos covering abroad range of torque and speed. Whether you need single axis indexing or complex multi-axis machine control with advanced feature requirements such as multi-tasking operating system, jerk limitedacceleration, high-speed registration inputs and electronic gearing and cam profiling, GE Fanuc has theright solution.