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Display Station

The Display Station 2050 combines the power of
iFIX® or CIMPLICITY® HMI software with an industrialcomputer running Windows NT or 2000. Thisintegrated operator interface system provides thepower, responsiveness and flexibility required inadvanced manufacturing and industrial systems. TheDisplay Station 2050 features an "eight per side"function key layout plus 26 re-legendable functionkeys below the 15-inch active matrix, TFT display. Inaddition, the unit provides front access to the mouseand keyboard ports, parallel port, 3.5 inch floppy drive, and CD ROM drive.In addition to raw computing power, the Display Station 2050 has been designed for ease of installation and maintenance. The front bezel of theunit separates to make mounting easy. Side mountedclamps allow the computer housing to be easily installed or removed without requiring tools. Thesystem also features a cartridge-style removable harddrive - allowing hard drive exchanges in a matter of seconds. Powerful HMI / SCADA functionality and areliable, high performance industrial computer-GEFanuc's bundled systems establish a solid foundationfor your success.