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Quick Panel

The QuickPanel* View Family
The QuickPanel View bundled visualization solution provides the tools required for today'sapplication needs with a combination of bright touch screen displays, multiple communi-cations options, and Proficy* View – Machine Edition software.

Acting as the bridge between the enterprisesystem and the plant floor, QuickPanel Viewprovides information, not just data, that theoperators need to run the achines, and that management needs to run their busi-ness. The QuickPanel View is a critical link toa well-integrated manufacturing operation.

As your need to monitor and collect datagrows, you may need to connect to a widevariety of devices. Unless your operator interface has seamless connectivity, youmay face delays and headaches. That iswhy QuickPanel View comes standard witha large number of built-in drivers to con-nect with the world of automation devices,making it easy to connect to anything.