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Durus* Controllers

The strong and sturdy family of Durus Controllers integrates I/O, operatorinterface and control in one small package.

GE Intelligent Platforms' Durus Controllerprovides a rugged design and is filled withstate-of-the-art features. It is built to take onthe industrial environment with standard fea-tures like a built-in operator interface, a widerange of communications options, expansionslots, and a solid slide-and-snap mechanicalinterlock to expansion modules. Its rugged
design and very competitive price allows userseven more ability to meet their needs bycomplementing our existing line of controllers.

computer and accessed at any time. They canalso be uploaded from the controller andedited. The Durus Software provides asimulation mode that allows users to virtuallyrun and test the program before it is loaded tothe controller, eliminating mistakes before theyever make it to the plant floor or production environment.