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PACSystems RX7i Controller

Built on a standard embedded open architecture, the new PACSystems RX7i is the first member of the ground-breakingPACSystems family of programmable automation controllers (PACs). Like the rest of the family, the PACSystemsRX7ifeatures a single control engine and universal programming environment to provide application portability acrossmultiplehardware platforms, creating a seamless migration path for GE Fanuc customers and delivering a true convergenceof
control choices. Designed to address mid- to high-end applications for OEMs, integrators, and end users, the RX7i isideally suited for integrated solutions that require open architecture, large memory, distributed I/O, and highperformance.The PACSystems RX7i system addresses your major business issues (performance, productivity, openness, flexibilityand migration) to help you improve your overallprofitability.