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Versamax Modular

Maximum versatility is the guiding principlebehind VersaMax* from GE Intelligent Plat- forms.This compact, extremely affordable controlsolution can be used as a PLC, as I/O, and asdistributed control. With its modular andscalable architecture, intuitive features and easeof use, this innovative control family can savemachine builders and end users con- siderabletime and money.

Offering Big PLC Power in aSmall Package.
VersaMax CPUs supply a number of featuresusually found only in PLCs with larger foot- prints, including up to 64k of memory forapplication programs, floating point math, real-time clock, subroutines, PID control, lashmemory, and bumpless program store. The serial ports support serial read/write andModbus master/slave communications.