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Versamax Micro Nano

VersaMax Micro Controllers
When you need amazing functionalityin a compact package, the Micro line ofcontrollers is right for you. Its modulardesign offers the features and flexibility tomatch your application needs, with fastcycle times, a robust instruction set, andextensive memory that multiplies your programming options.

VersaMax Micro Plus Controllers
When you need an even greater produc-tivity boost, the Micro Plus controllers are designed with the same high qualityas the Micro line of controllers, but haveenhanced features such as more memory,high precision motion and an advanced instruction set. They support a user friendlyMemory Module that can easily connectto the controller to download the latestprogram changes without the need of a PC. Online programming enables the userto easily modify logic without stopping thecontroller. Flexible communications is alsothe strength of the Micro Plus controllerswith both serial and Ethernet options.